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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -466361-SCRIPT Workshops (FY23-24)
  Computer Science Funds
  Application Deadline: 06/30/2023 12:00 AM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 07/05/2022
Project End Date: 06/30/2023
Award Announcement Date:
Eligible Applicant:
Program Officer: Justin Lewis
Phone: 515-669-7007 x
Categorical Area: Education

The Department of Education (Department) is making up to $300,000 available to help districts and nonpublic schools develop their local K-12 computer science plans as required by the 2020 state law, HF 2629. The funding is available thanks to a portion of a 2007 court-approved settlement of a class-action antitrust lawsuit filed against Microsoft Corp. being designated for K-12 computer science curriculum for students and training for teachers.

Update July 2022: Districts/schools may use funding not only for their initial SCRIPT workshop, but also for additional SCRIPT support from their local AEA. Schools should reach out to their AEA contact (below) to find out what continuation workshops and support are available. Funding will remain as outlined for additional workshops.

The AEAs are providing a great service by organizing and running SCRIPT workshops. This is important work, and to best support districts and schools here’s how the funding and reimbursement process will work:

  1. Districts and nonpublic schools can apply for funding to attend a registered SCRIPT workshop through IowaGrants, Funding Opportunity 413832. Applicants will be awarded funding on a rolling basis, until funding runs out. Stipends are only allowed for off-contract work. Maximum sub pay amount is $150/day, based on the school’s regular rate. Maximum stipend amount is $20/hour or $160/day, based on the school’s regular rate. Administrator stipends will be covered as permitted by their contract.
  2. Once approved, districts and schools will submit a claim through IowaGrants showing costs associated with sub or stipend pay for eligible educators and administrators who attended the entire workshop. A status report is also required.

Please note all CS funding opportunities work on reimbursment basis directly to the district / schools awarded. Funds must be expended prior to the close of the associated spending window and claims submitted for reimbursement. Please read all associated guidance documents thoroughly.

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