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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -381529-FY21 RFP58821018 for HIV Client Services
  HIV, STI and Hepatitis Services
  Application Deadline: 01/19/2021 4:00 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 04/01/2021
Project End Date: 03/31/2022
Award Announcement Date: 02/18/2021
Eligible Applicant: Private, not-for-profit organizations and public or governmental agencies are eligible to submit an
Program Officer: Robin Misel
Phone: 515-281-4417 x
Categorical Area: Health, Prevention/Treatment

It is the responsibility of the Applicant to review all Attachments listed below for additional details regarding this Funding Opportunity.

The issuance of this Funding Opportunity in no way constitutes a commitment by IDPH to award a contract


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) # 58821018 is to solicit applications that will enable the Iowa Department of Public Health (referred to as Department) to select the most qualified applicants to provide core medical and support services to people living with HIV (PLWH) through the Ryan White Part B Program.

Iowa’s Ryan White Part B Program (RWPB) meets the health care needs of people living with HIV (PLWH) by providing a comprehensive continuum of high-quality HIV core medical and support services, including a client-centered tiered system of case management that links Iowans to care and helps them to stay in care. It is critical that Iowa’s RWPB program serve PLWH from all ninety-nine counties in the state. Successful applicants will form a comprehensive network of service providers to ensure that PLWH have access to the services needed to achieve optimal health outcomes and to reduce transmission of HIV.

The Department is actively working to strengthen our capacity to address health inequities in Iowa. Health equity is defined as the attainment of the highest possible level of health for all people.  Achieving health equity requires providing the environmental, social, economic and other conditions in which all people have the opportunity to attain their highest possible level of health. This program promotes health equity by providing health and support services to low-income impacted by HIV and by using program data to understand and address disparities in health outcomes and risk behaviors among PLWH.

1.06     Schedule of Events  (All times and dates listed are local Iowa time.)

The following dates are set forth for informational purposes.The Department reserves the right to change them.



RFP Issued

November 19, 2020

Applicant’s Conference

November 23, 2020

Written Questions and Responses


Round 1 Questions Due:

Responses Posted By:

December 2, 2020

December 9, 2020

Round 2 Questions Due:

Responses Post By:  

December 16, 2020

December 23, 2020

Final Questions Due:

Responses Posted By:

January 6, 2021

January 13, 2021

Applications Due

January 19, 2021 by 4:00 PM Local Iowa Time

Post Notice of Intent to Award

February 18, 2021

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Description File Name File Size
A. HIV Client Services Program RFP58821018 A. HIV Client Services Program RFP58821018 (1).pdf 308 KB
B. IowaGrants Registration Instructions B. IowaGrants Registration Instructions Updated 2016.pdf 873 KB
C. IDPH Application Instruction Guidance C. IDPH Application Instruction Guidance 2016.pdf 1.9 MB
D. DRAFT HIV Client Services Program Draft Contract Template D. DRAFT HIV Client Services Program Draft Contract Template.pdf 187 KB
E. DRAFT HIV Client Services Program Draft Scoring Tool E. DRAFT HIV Client Services Program Draft Scoring Tool.pdf 104 KB
F. Project Work Plan Form.docx F. Project Work Plan Form.docx 42 KB
 Website Links
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URL Description 010.Clinical Quality Management Policy Clarification Notice 1. IDPH General Conditions 2. Applicant?s Conference Registration Link 3. Ryan White Service Definitions 4. IDPH Client Services Manual 5. Part B of Title XXVI of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, as amended by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-87) 6. HRSA National Monitoring Standards 7. IDPH 2017-2021 Draft Comprehensive Plan 8. Effective Interventions 9. Stop HIV Iowa
Submitted Date Question Answer
11/28/2020 The subcontract plan section does not allow space for several counties to be listed in service area box, suggestions? If we do NOT want to request a waiver for HIV client services, we cannot mark it as "complete" if we leave it blank. Please clarify in the personnel section, if we need to only list FTE dedicated to our project regardless of funding source. For the “Service Area the Subcontractor will serve” box, please put the general area to be served by the subcontractor, such as, “Eight counties in eastern Iowa.” You can list out the individual counties in the “Scope of Work to be performed through a subcontract” box.

For the Request for Waiver HIV Client Services Form, you are allowed to mark it as complete without filling out any of the fields. Click on the form, then click “Save” at the top, and then Mark as Complete.

For the Personnel section, please put the total amount of FTE (if any) that funding is being requested for in this grant application. For example, if a staff member is funded 0.5 FTE case manager and 0.5 FTE field benefits specialist, the total FTE dedicated to this project is 1.0. This section is asking for the total FTE that funding is being requested for. The Budget section will ask for a further breakdown of how the FTE will be funded. See the examples below for further guidance:

Example #1:
Title/Position: Case Manager and Field Benefits Specialist
First Name: Susan
Last Name: Sunday
Email Address:
Total Amount of FTE (full-time equivalent hours) dedicated to this project: 1.0

Example #2:
Title/Position: Chief Financial Officer
First Name: Morticia
Last Name: Addams
Email Address:
Total Amount of FTE (full-time equivalent hours) dedicated to this project: 0.0

12/17/2020 If we submit for a new "position", in a particular category, such as HERR, or we increase the amount of FTE for an existing position, and the department is not in agreement, is there an opportunity for partial funding or negotiation for a "modified" version of a new idea? Or is it an all or nothing situation? Meaning, we either get funded for what we ask for, or we loose that category completely. Your application is your opportunity to request funding needed to carry out the activities described in your work plan. Your budget should provide clear justification for all funding requests, including FTEs. IDPH reserves the right to approve, partially approve, deny, or modify funding requests during the negotiation process.
12/22/2020 In the application it speaks to letters of recommendation. Which section would those be uploaded to? There is not a designated area to upload these letters in IowaGrants. Therefore, letters of recommendation can be uploaded in the Application Certification and Conditions section or the Needs Assessment section. Both sections contain Upload buttons.
12/26/2020 In RFP, we have to put supplies under each line item. In order to track Supplies from different line items in university's accounting system, it will be very difficult to track them and invoice them as such. Please advise. If you are unable to put supplies under particular line items, you may put all supplies in the “Supplies” line item. Be sure to include in your justification why you are unable to put them under the accurate line item and include which line item they are intended for (e.g., due to barriers in internal accounting procedures, all supplies are being requested under the Supplies line item). Also be sure to include which line item they are intended for.


4 cell phones (case managers: Sally Sue, John Jones, Jessica Jo, Donald Duck)

1 cell phone (benefit liaison: Derek Zoolander)
01/04/2021 In the salary justification sections, the column “If FTE is less than 1.0, describe how the rest of the FTE will be funded”, if an employee only works part time in this grant and part time in other non-related grants are we to only list the HIV Client Services funded parts of their FTE? You would list how the rest of the FTE is funded, regardless of whether or not it is through the HIV Client Services grant.


Staff Name: Sally Sue
Annual Salary: $40,000
Fringe: $5,000
FTE Funding by Infrastructure Development: 0.5
If FTE is less than 1.0, describe how the rest of the FTE will be funded: 0.5 Unitypoint
01/05/2021 Which section do you prefer we use for attaching letters of collaboration? There's a spot under 'Application Certification & Conditions' and 'Needs Assessment' Is either okay to use if we need the space? Either section is okay to use.
01/06/2021 Can someone check the Client Services Budget form... it appears it is not calculating a correct subtotal to include any amounts from the Support Services section of the budget. All the data & narratives are included however. How should we proceed? This has been resolved. Thanks for letting us know!
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