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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -363541-AmeriCorps State 2021-2022
  2021-2022 AmeriCorps State
  Application Deadline:
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 09/01/2021
Project End Date: 08/31/2022
Award Announcement Date:
Eligible Applicant:
Program Officer: Jamie Orozco Nagel
Phone: 515-348-6233 x
Categorical Area: Community Development, Disaster Assistance, Disaster Preparedness, Education , Health, Prevention/Treatment, Housing, Human Services, Parks & Recreation, Rural Issues, Youth

Iowa AmeriCorps State 2021-2022

Announcement: Volunteer Iowa is pleased to announce the availability of federal funding in the form of AmeriCorps State program grants.  AmeriCorps is a National Service program that helps meet community needs through the efforts of AmeriCorps members. The AmeriCorps State program offers different types of funding to meet the needs of various host agencies and communities.

Program and service opportunity efforts will address the following priorities, drawn from Iowa's State Service Plan:

  • Programs that are part of or utilize a comprehensive community strategy.
  • Programs or strategies that engage underrepresented populations and those that provide a high return on investment.
  • Programs in geographic areas that are underserved or have the highest need.
  • Programs that address disparities in rural communities or with minorities.
  • New service opportunities to develop community capital in the following areas:
    • State legislative & national service focus areas
    • Governor’s priority areas such as Future Ready Iowa, supporting Iowa’s energy plan, childcare and enrichment, digital literacy and education
    • Programming to mitigate disproportionate outcomes for minority populations with regard to school discipline, foster care, juvenile justice, corrections, and similar systems.

Application Materials
Applicants for this funding will need to reference the complete application materials to be posted here as both attachments and links, including the Volunteer Iowa Pre-Application Instructions, the Volunteer Iowa Request for Applications (RFA) and appendices, the Volunteer Iowa Final Application Instructions, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Mandatory Supplemental Guidance (“Guidance”), and the CNCS Performance Measure Instructions.  Because certain application materials are dependent on information/documents released by CNCS, this page will be updated with that information as it is made available.  Applications will be accepted only from organizations seeking funding to operate a program wholly within the state of Iowa (multi-state applicants apply directly to the Corporation for National and Community Service). Multi-state AmeriCorps National Direct applicants that intend to place members in Iowa must consult with Volunteer Iowa regarding these intended placements using the process and link provided in the RFA.

Key Dates & Deadlines
Deadlines for submission of the required Pre-Application and Final Application are listed below. Please note that several other listed dates (marked with *) are anticipated dates only and may be updated here throughout the grant application and review period.  Interested applicants should sign up for the mailing list to be informed of changes to this timeline.

From RFA:

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement & Pre-Application Instructions Published: 8/18/2020
  • RFA & Final Application Instructions Release Date: 9/29/2020*
  • REQUIRED Pre-Application Deadlines: 9/15/2020 (for Returning programs); 10/6/2020, 1/19/2021, or 3/16/2021 (for New programs)
  • Final (including Continuation) Application Deadlines: 11/10/2020 (for Competitive applicants); 3/2/2021 or 4/6/2021 (for Formula applicants, Volunteer Iowa will assign which final deadline following review of the Pre-Application)
    • 21AC233808- eGrants NOFA for cost reimbursement formula applicants
    • 21ES233807- eGrants NOFA for fixed-amount formula applicants
  • Volunteer Iowa Grant Review Committee Meeting: 5/11/2021 (appearance by Formula applicants and Competitive applicants not yet notified of their funding status)
  • Funding Announcement: 5/2021* (for Competitive programs and Formula programs)
  • Program Start Date: 8/1/2021, 9/1/2021, or 1/1/2022 (applicant chooses from these start dates)

Additional Dates:

  • Competitive Continuation Applicant Clarification with AmeriCorps: 2/5/2021-2/19/2021
  • Competitive New & Recompete Applicant Clarification with AmeriCorps: 3/31/2021-4/13/2021
  • Competitive Applicant Resolution with AmeriCorps: mid-end May 2021

Disclosure: Publication of this Funding Opportunity Announcement does not obligate Volunteer Iowa or the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to award any specific number of grants or to obligate any particular amount of funding. The actual level and timing of grant funding will be subject to the availability of annual federal appropriations.

Volunteer Iowa Technical Assistance Sessions:

CNCS/AmeriCorps Technical Assistance Sessions: visit the CNCS Notice of Funding Opportunity page for a full list of CNCS TA webinars

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APPENDIX 1.VOLUNTEER IOWA WAIVER WORKSHEETS 01.1_Waiver_Worksheets_2021.docx 40 KB
APPENDIX 2. STATE PRIORITY CERTIFICATION APPLICATION 01.2_Certification_Application_2021.docx 37 KB
APPENDIX 3. VOLUNTEER IOWA BUDGET NARRATIVE WORKSHEET - UPDATED 01.3_BudgetNarrativeWorksheet_2021_Updated 2020.10.27.xlsx 88 KB
APPENDIX 4. ECONOMIC MOBILITY CORPS 01.4_Economic_Mobility_Corps_2021.docx 27 KB
VOLUNTEER IOWA PRE-APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 01_2021 COMBINED Pre-Application Instructions_2020.08.18.docx 142 KB
VOLUNTEER IOWA REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS (RFA) 02_2021 Volunteer Iowa RFA_2019.09.29.pdf 424 KB
VOLUNTEER IOWA FINAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 03_2021 FINAL Application Instructions_2020.09.29.pdf 419 KB
VOLUNTEER IOWA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 04_Volunteer Iowa FAQs 2021_2020.08.18.doc 166 KB
VOLUNTEER IOWA BUDGET TIPS 05_Budget_Tips_2021.docx 102 KB
CNCS MANDATORY SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION 2 ASN_FY2021_MandatorySupplementalInstructions_FINAL_508.pdf 164 KB
CNCS PERFORMANCE MEASURE INSTRUCTIONS 3 ASN_FY2021_PerformanceMeasuresInstructions_FINAL_508.pdf 814 KB
CNCS LOGIC MODEL TEMPLATE- ADDED 2/2021 4_CNCS Logic model template - 2021.docx 44 KB
CNCS SAMPLE BUDGET- ADDED 2/2021 5_CNCS Sample Budget Narrative - 2021.pdf 250 KB
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