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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -321001-FY20 CTE Secondary Program Approval
  Regional Planning Partnerships
  Application Deadline:
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 07/01/2019
Project End Date: 06/30/2020
Award Announcement Date:
Eligible Applicant: Iowa Public School Districts
Program Officer: Pat Thieben
Phone: 515-371-6564 x
Categorical Area: Education

The Iowa General Assembly passed HF2392, and it was signed into law by Governor Branstad in May 2016.  HF2392 implements the vision for CTE proposed inthe final report of the Secondary Career and Technical Educaiton Task Force.

The three main themes of the law include:

1.  Career Guidance:  Shifting to a more holistic approach with school teams developing district plans to enhance how students explore career and academic opportunities and develop indivdualized plans.

2.  High-Quality Programs:  Raising expections for CTE programs, employer engagement, and alignment with high demand areas.  Setting a vision for curricula that starts foundational and leads to occupationally-specific college credit opportunities, integrates work-based learning, and aligns with a modernized career cluster framework.

3.  Regional Planning:  Establishing regional CTE planning partnerships of schools, community colleges, business, and communit partners to ensure efficient and effective delivery of high-quality programs that expand student opportunity and align with regional labor market needs.

Key to operationalizing the three themes is the requirement that all secondary CTE programs must be approved by the Iowa Department of Education.  In addition, all programs are to be reviewed on a five-year cycle.  The processes put forward incorporates peer review and is rooted in continuous improvement.

The review of programs through each RPP district as well as program approval by the IDOE helps to drive program improvement across the state with a common vision.  The self-assessment instrument employs criteria, indicators, evidence, and action plans to develop an understanding of what is specifically needed for a program to reach first the expected and then an exemplary level.  The benefits will be far-reaching as students will be better prepared for connections to post-secondary education and careers, and student access and exposure to quality programs will also be increased across the state.  In addition to the self-assessment and feedback elements contained withi this review, the program approval process will increase consultation between peeers across schools, promote statewide CTE teacher professional development, enhance program improvement efforts, and influence curricular upgrades.



1.  Each district will complete the Program Approval Template for the program that is up for review during the current year.  This can be done in conjunction with other districts in the region completing the same program area review.  We encouage sharing the template via Google Docs or in some other way.  This needs to be submitted to the RPP Program Approval Committee by December 31, 2019.

2.  The district will either submit the template to the RPP Program Approval Committee, or grant them access via Google Docs.  The RPP will review the Template and offer suggestions, etc. to the district.  

3.  The RPP and the RPP Program Approval Committee will provide the RPP Contact with the Program Approval Rubric and minutes from the RPP approving to move forward the Program in the Program Approval Process.

4.  The RPP Designated Individual will submit all required documents, links, etc. for the Program Approval Process by April 30.


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