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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -312255-FY20 Grants to Counties
  Environmental Health Services
  Application Deadline: 06/14/2019 4:00 PM
Award Amount Range: $0.00 - $30,927.00
Project Start Date: 07/01/2019
Project End Date: 06/30/2020
Award Announcement Date:
Eligible Applicant: local boards of health which have adopted standards for private water supply and private sewage disp
Program Officer: John McMullen
Phone: 515-281-6646 x
Categorical Area: Rural Issues

It is the responsibility of the Applicant to reveiw all attachments listed in the section below, including the Application Guidance.

The issuance of the Application in no way constitutes a committment by IDPH to award a contract. 

Excerpts from the Application:

1.01 Purpose

The purpose of this Application Guidance is to provide eligible applicants information on completion of the application for the Grants to Counties program. Services covered by this application include testing private water wells, reconstructing private water wells, and plugging abandoned private water wells within the jurisdiction of each county’s board of health.



1.02 Project and Contract Period

Funding during the defined project period is dependent on approval of the Application, contractor performance during the fiscal year, compliance with general and special conditions of the contract, availability of project funds, program modifications, or any other grounds determined by the Department to be in the Department’s best interest. The Department expects the contract period to be a one-year term from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

The issuance of this Application Guidance in no way constitutes a commitment by the Department to award a contract.

1.03 Eligible Applicants

Applicants must meet each of the following eligibility requirements for consideration.


Eligible Applicants

Local Boards of Health (LBOH) are and will be the only entity eligible to apply for and serve as the contractor for the Grants to Counties contract. Local Boards of Health (LBOH) have jurisdiction over public health matters in their designated geographic area. A Local Public Health Agency may not apply in response to this posting. All local boards of health in the state of Iowa are eligible to apply.


Electronic Communication Requirements

Applicant is required to maintain and provide to the Department, upon application, a current and valid email account for electronic communications with the Department.


Official email communication from the Department regarding this application will be issued from Applicants are required to assure these communications are received and responded to accordingly.

1.04 Service Delivery Area

Service Delivery area includes the counties covered by the contractor.

1.05 Funding

The source of funding is Iowa’s Groundwater Protection Fund.


A percentage of the total amount allocated to the Department for FY20 will be divided equally among the awarded boards of health.  If funding for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 remains at fiscal year FY19 levels, and the same number of counties are funded, each awardee would receive $30,927.  Actual contract amounts for this program may change


Changes to IAC 641-Chapter 24 in 2016 allow the Department to reallocate unspent Grants-to-Counties funds.  All counties participating in the grant program will receive an original appropriation, and counties which demonstrate an under-utilization of funding (based on current and historical practices) will receive a mid-contract reduction in funding.  Mid-year reallocations will allow for more effective and complete use of funding for private well services while at the same time direct funding to areas of Iowa that have demonstrated a need for additional funding.


Applicants may apply for the allocated amount of $30,927 per county for the contract period.

Actual total awards and individual contract funding levels may vary from that listed or funding may be withdrawn completely, depending on availability of funding or any other grounds determined by the Department to be in the Department’s best interests.

1.06 Schedule of Important Dates

The table below lists critical dates in the application and contract award process.  Contractors are encouraged to review the entire Application Guidance for detailed information about events, dates, times and sites.





Application Guidance and Supporting Documents Issued

May 30, 2019

Technical Assistance

During Posting period of the Funding Opportunity

Application Due Date

June 14, 2019



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A. Grants To Counties FY20 Application Guidance A. Grants To Counties FY20 Application Guidance (1).pdf 152 KB
B. IowaGrants Registration Instructions B. IowaGrants Registration Instructions Updated 2016.pdf 873 KB
C. IDPH Application Instruction Guidance C IDPH Application Instruction Guidance 2016.pdf 1.9 MB
D. Grants To Counties FY20 DRAFT Contract D. Grants To Counties FY20 DRAFT Contract.pdf 294 KB
E. Grants To Counties FY20 DRAFT Application Review Tool E. Grants To Counties FY20 DRAFT Application Review Tool.pdf 73 KB
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