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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -291132-FY20 Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program
  Application Deadline: 04/16/2019 4:00 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 10/01/2019
Project End Date: 09/30/2020
Award Announcement Date: 05/21/2019
Eligible Applicant: Refer to RFP
Program Officer: Melana Hammond
Phone: 515-281-4900 x
Categorical Area: Child Health


It is the responsibility of the Applicant to review all attachments listed in the section below, including the Request for Application (RFA).


The issuance of the RFA in no way constitutes a committment by IDPH to award a contract. 


Excerpts from the RFA:



1.01 Purpose

The purpose of this RFA is to provide guidance for current contractors to submit continuation applications to the Iowa Department of Public Health (referred to as Department) to renew service provisions as described by and within the project period established by the RFP #58818021. Services covered by this application include administering nutrition education, physical activity and obesity prevention programs to elementary-age children in low-income Iowa school buildings.

1.02 Project and Contract Period

FY2020 is the second year of a six-year project period. The Department expects the contract period to be a one-year term from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. Continued funding during the defined project period is dependent on approval of the continuation application, contractor performance and compliance with general and special conditions of the contract, availability of project funds, program modifications, or any other grounds determined by the Department to be in the Department’s best interest.


The issuance of this RFA in no way constitutes a commitment by Department to award a contract.

1.03  Eligible Applicants

Applicants must meet each of the following eligibility requirements for consideration.


Eligible Applicants

Only current contractors are eligible to submit a continuation application under this RFA. Refer to Attachment F for the table of Eligible Applicants (current Contractors), Service Areas per Applicant and available funds per Applicant.


Current contractors are:

  • Allamakee County Agricultural Extension District
  • Appanoose County Agricultural Extension District
  • Black Hawk County Health Department
  • Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • Clarke County DBA Clarke County Board of Health
  • Council Bluffs Community School District
  • Dallas County Public Health Nursing Service
  • Davenport Community School District
  • Decatur County Public Health and Home Care
  • Des Moines Independent Community School District
  • Floyd County Agricultural Extension
  • Henry County Agricultural Extension District
  • Mills County Agricultural  Extension
  • Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc.
  • Wapello County Agricultural Extension District
  • Wayne County Agriculture Extension District
  • Webster County dba Webster County Health Department
  • Woodbury County Agricultural Extension Services


Electronic Communication Requirements

Applicant is required to maintain and provide to the Department, upon application, a current and valid email account for electronic communications with the Department.


Official email communication from the Department regarding this application will be issued from Applicants are required to assure these communications are received and responded to accordingly.

1.04 Service Delivery Area

Refer to the RFP #58818021 for service delivery area parameters. The service delivery area for each applicant is detailed in Attachment F. Any requested service delivery area changes for this RFA must be approved by the Department. Submit requests to Melana Hammond at  Written approval must be obtained prior to submitting a continuation application.  

1.05 Funding

The source of funding is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The availability of funding for this project is contingent upon a USDA grant award to the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and a subsequent contract with the Department.


Applicants may apply for up to the amount listed for each contractor in Attachment F for the contract period. Actual total awards and individual contract funding levels may vary from that listed or funding may be withdrawn completely, depending on availability of funding or any other grounds determined by the Department to be in the Department’s best interests.

1.06 Schedule of Important Dates (All times and dates listed are local Iowa time.)

The table below lists critical dates in the application and contract award process. Contractors are encouraged to review the entire RFA for detailed information about events, dates, times and sites.




RFA Issued

March 6, 2019

Applicant’s Conference

March 7, 2019

Written Questions and Responses


Round 1 Questions Due

Interim Responses Posted by

March 21, 2019

March 28, 2019


Final Questions Due

Final Cumulative Responses Posted by

April 3, 2019

April 10, 2019

Applications Due

April 16, 2019 by 4:00 p.m.

Post Notice of Intent to Award

May 21, 2019

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B IowaGrants Registration Instructions B IowaGrants Registration Instructions.pdf 874 KB
C IDPH Application Instruction Guidance C IDPH Application Instruction Guidance.pdf 1.9 MB
D Draft FY 2020 Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program Contract Template D Draft FY 2020 Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program Contract Template.pdf 228 KB
E Draft FY 2020 Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program Review Tool E Draft FY 2020 Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program Review Tool.pdf 178 KB
F Service Area and Funding Allocation Table - FY 2020 F Service Area and Funding Allocation Table - FY 2020.pdf 112 KB
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